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Click HERE to be directed to
the Online Sign Up Link*.

*This Link is protected and operated by: Event-Net Tournament Software.

At the Login Screen:

To Register for an Event:

After registering, select the Detail link next to the name of the Event.

To remove yourself from an event, select the event from the Event List, then click Remove. It is YOUR responsibility to make any changes BEFORE the cutoff date listed in the tournament registration form.


Two days prior to an event, you will be notified via email ( from the Tournament Chair, giving you FINAL TOURNAMENT details: Tee Time, Cost, whether there will be a luncheon, and Directions to the event.

Prior to your arrival, please have your check made out for the proper amount and made payable to: CCWGL. This will save time in registering for the day's event.


YOUR PROFILE –You may change your password or your email anytime in the Event-Net program.  Select the Update My User Profile link at the bottom of the screen.  Enter your new information and click on Save Profile before exiting the screen.