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New Members for 2019 Season

Members joined after publication of 2019 Handbook

Month New Member Club Affiliate
March Sarah Robinson The Ridge Club
March Elaine Tata Timberline GC
April Christine Gagnon (rejoin) Woods Hole
April Sandy Boudreau Olde Barnstable
April Andrea Barber The Cape Club (ghin)
May Charlene Clifford Olde Barnstable


2018 Season Results

Highest Level of Participation in Tournaments 2018 - 25 Tournaments

Player Played
Maisie Wall 18

Most Improved Player -- Handicap Index USGA Formula Calculation

Player Begin - End Index
Flora Marie Gaudet 15.4 – 11

Memorial Tournament Winner – New Seabury Dunes – June 7th
Wendy Ustach – Low Net Champion — Score 65

Player of the Year – Helga Lind - 65 Points
Runner Up – Sheila Stackhouse – 38 Points

        Team Player of the Year – Beth Kidwell – 4 Winning Weeks


The League had 25 Total Tournaments Scheduled throughout the Season

13 - Spring/Summer Session - 2 Cancellations (Blue Rock, Cranberry Valley)

12 - Fall Session - 1 Cancellation (Hyannis)


The League would like to give a SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to the following ladies who have been members for AT LEAST 25 years or MORE!

Pavlas    Adams        

Cathy Pavlas–'75    Lois Adams–'89    Carolyn Moulton–'90  Dolores Sullivan–'91  DoreenShea–'92